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Case study


We had the pleasure of working closely with Paloma - a brand deeply rooted in minimalism and sustainability. Our challenge was to construct a strong brand identity that mirrored their core ethos, effortlessly blending simplicity, sustainability, and modern approach. Paloma's mission was not just to operate as a fashion brand, but to resonate with the growing community of eco-conscious consumers. They desired a brand identity that not only reflected their commitment to the environment but also elegantly showcased their signature offering – the timeless beauty of a classic white shirt.

We realised early on that to truly capture Paloma's essence, we needed to craft a brand identity that was as minimal, fresh, and modern as the brand itself. Our design journey began with understanding Paloma's vision, their values, and most importantly, their target audience. We wanted to create a visual narrative that spoke directly to the eco-conscious consumer, one that exemplified sustainability without compromising on style and sophistication. The result was a brand identity that perfectly encapsulated Paloma's ethos. From the logo to the colour palette, every element was thoughtfully chosen to reflect simplicity and a deep commitment to sustainability. The resulting design was minimal and sophisticated, embodying the timeless elegance of Paloma's classic white shirt. But our work didn't stop at creating a compelling brand identity. We knew that to truly bring Paloma's brand to life, we needed to integrate this new visual identity seamlessly across all customer touchpoints.

From their website to their packaging, we implemented the visuals, creating a cohesive and impactful brand experience. This ensured that every interaction a customer had with Paloma, whether online or offline, was a true reflection of their commitment to minimalism, sustainability, and modern style. Working with Paloma was a wonderful journey of transforming a vision into a visual reality, creating a brand identity that didn't just look good, but resonated deeply with their target audience. And in the end, Paloma wasn't just a brand; it was a story of sustainability and sophistication told through thoughtful and purposeful design.