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Koko Blossom

Styled by us, personalised by you.


Case study

Koko Blossom

Let's journey together through the story of Koko Blossom, where we embarked on a voyage of transformation, giving a new, fresh breath to this delightful brand. Koko Blossom, a brand initially known for their charming gifts, yearned for a refreshing identity that would mirror its evolved focus on personalised travel accessories.

Our mission was to create a brand identity that's not just visually appealing, but one that tells a story. The story of a savvy, stylish traveler, ready to explore the world. A brand that would feel like a cool breeze on a sunny beach, the thrill of a new destination, the joy of a journey yet to be embarked upon. Imagine a logo that's timeless, yet laid-back. A logo that's the perfect companion for your travel adventures, just like Koko Blossom's personalised travel accessories. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling good, about evoking that wonderful sensation of being on vacation, even when you're just planning your next getaway. Now picture a palette of light, neutral colours - the soft hues of sandy beaches, the pastel shades of a summer sky. These colours don't just look pretty; they tell a story. A story of relaxation, of adventure, of the joy of travel. Combined with modern, feminine elements, these colours brought to life the essence of Koko Blossom - a brand that's all about making your travels more beautiful, more personal, and more memorable.

The result of this exciting journey? A brand identity that's as stylish, modern and relaxed as their customers. An identity that's all about celebrating them, their adventures, and their love for travel. As you browse through this case study, we hope you'll feel the warmth of the sun, the thrill of new experiences, and the joy of adventure. We hope you'll see a bit of yourself in the new Koko Blossom, just like we did while creating it.