What to Include in your Services + Pricing Guide (for creatives)

Having a pricing guide is important in any creative business. You want your potential clients to see your best work and creating a call to action will increase the chances of them hiring you for their next project.

wedding photographer pricing guide price list

Intro + Your Story

Introduce yourself to your potenial client and describe what your business is all about. Make it personal and include your name and fun facts so your client can really get to know you. You can also write down your business values and describe why your business is different from the rest.

Signature Service

Introduce your service and packages. Focus on how it will benefit your potential client. Clearly list what your client will receive/gain after your service. Remember: first, give value, then ask for business.

Previous Work + Testimonials

Showcase your previous projects or concepts. Tip: include the work you want to be hired for.

Share testimonials from your previous, happy clients.

Your Process + Timeline

Outline your process so your potential client knows what to expect and when. It's good to include a specific timescale in which the project will be completed and list step-by-step what your client can expect along the way.


Do your clients keep asking you the same questions over and over again? Include them in your FAQ to clarify everything with your client from the start. It will save you both a lot of time.

Other Services

Do you offer anything else outside your signature service? This is a good place to list all extra packages, add-ons and other services that your client can be interested in.

Clear Call to Action

This is important! Invite your potential client to take the next step (hire you or schedule a call with you). Whatever it is, make sure your client knows how to get in touch with you.

Contact Info

Include a 'Get in Touch' page with the info on how to contact you. You can also add your social media handles so your potential client can follow and share your work.


Creating a good pricing guide takes a lot of time and hard work. This is why we created a beautiful Services & Pricing Guide template for you to use. You can easily customise it in Canva using your fonts and brand colours.

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