How to know it's time to rebrand

Knowing when to rebrand is crucial for growing a successful business. Perhaps your business has outgrown your previous logo and branding or maybe it just doesn't resonate with your audience anymore. Here are a few signs that it's time to hire a brand designer to elevate your brand.

Brand Guidelines Template by Studio Blanche How to know it's time to rebrand

You feel that your branding is inconsistent.

Having a cohesive branding in your business is important. It creates confidence with your audience and shows them that you look professional. And let's admit — we would rather work with or buy products from a professional brand than someone who doesn't know what they're doing, right?

Maybe the individual pieces of your brand look good, but when you put them together, they just don't work and your brand looks very random. Being consistent will go a long way for your business. Your brand designer will make sure that all the elements work together and this means no more DIY for your brand. You will have clear brand guidelines, so you will always know how to use your fonts, colours and other elements to stay cohesive.

You are embarrassed to show your brand to other people.

If you feel your brand image is not on track, and you feel embarrassed to show your business to your friends or other people, it means it's time to rebrand. You should feel proud and excited about it when you show it to the whole world. If you feel like your branding isn't on point, and you feel self-conscious to show your business to your friends or other people it means that it's time to rebrand. Having a beautiful and strategic Brand Identity is essential. And when you know that your brand looks professional, your audience feels the same way!

You're failing to stand out from the competition.

A unique and personalised brand image will make your business stand out. I'm sure you've noticed that some logos are alike and that it's difficult to distinguish certain brands. Having a custom brand created just for your company will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Brand identity is an investment, not an expense and it will help you develop a thriving business.

Your business has changed or it's growing really slowly

Especially during the first year, businesses tend to experience the most changes. You discover what works best and the customers you wish to serve more. If your business is changing or developing very slowly, it means it's time to refresh your brand image to better communicate with your audience. Investing in a brand designer is an excellent start for a successful business.

Brand Guidelines Template for Designer by Studio Blanche